Veterans Stories

Stories Submitted to U & I Nonprofit Corporation

Memorial Day Parade
Just a few years ago we received a call from a decorated Vietnam veteran that wanted to donate his new motorized wheel chair to us. When asked why, he told us this story:
Five soldiers, including himself, were caught in a life or death fire fight, when three of his buddies lost their lives. He was severely injured; he lost one of his legs and the other was left crippled.
In the following years he was dependent upon crutches and a manual wheelchair for mobility. This veteran yearned for an easier way to get to his mail box and maneuver about his property.
Over forty-two years later, he finally got his motorized wheelchair, only to realize that its capabilities where limited to mostly concrete and other hard packed surfaces. It would not fare well in the gravel between his home and mailbox, let alone allow him to travel about his property. This made the chair nearly useless to him. The wheelchair would have been a perfect fit for someone living in an urban area, but not to a Montana patriot living in a rural setting.
(A true story from an anonymous veteran living in Roundup, MT)
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