Together U & I Can Make A Difference In A Veteran’s Life

Track chairs give Veterans mobility in rural areas

Track chairs, shown above, increase a veterans mobility and quality of life.

According to the VA’s Office of Rural Health; roughly 35 percent of all veterans live in rural areas. Many disabled veterans are not able to resume the activities and chores they performed prior to service, due to the challenges of a rural setting.
Gravel driveways, uneven ground, rocky areas, twig covered lawns and mud or snow are just some of the obstacles encountered when living in a rural area. The limitations of a standard wheelchair prevents veterans from hunting, fishing, and participating in many of the activities they love.


We help veterans on an individual basis; raising funds for whatever type of chair meets the needs of the individual veteran.

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Please donate now to help make a disabled veteran mobile. Your donation will bring a veteran closer to independence and the joy of unrestricted mobility.

To refer a veteran with mobility issues who could benefit from our assistance, please contact us.